Logement : les français n'ont plus accès aux droits prévus par la loi

2021.11.29 15:56 Nohan07 Logement : les français n'ont plus accès aux droits prévus par la loi

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2021.11.29 15:56 MaqueCh0ux H: Caps, Chems, AP/XP Buffs W: Uny Wood Armor, Trapper Rad Resist Armor

Putting this out now. I'll be on in about 3 hours.
Looking for Unyielding wood armor, doesn't matter the rolls or stars, scrip pieces are fine. Also looking to trade for trapper armor with Rad Resist. Other perks don't matter in the slightest.
In return I can offer caps, Psychobuff, psychotats, L&L 8, cranberry Nuka Cola, leader bobbleheads, canned coffee, sugar bombs with Rads and a bunch more I can't think of off the top of my head all on various quantities. Psychobuff and psychotats I know I've got 400-500 each.
Looking primarily for crappy pieces that would ordinarily be scripped.
If you've got any, let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know the quantities I have available as soon as I can.
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2021.11.29 15:56 MrMcHat What are some great german songs?

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2021.11.29 15:56 ghoul036 going off HRT

so i’ve been on T for a cumulative year now (april-november 2020, august 2021-present) and although i want to be on T still, I’m having a lot of trouble dealing with the side effects of gaining weight and acne. i’ve had terrible skin since i was 12 but this is on another level where even my regimented routine doesn’t help anymore. i don’t know what to do. i feel like i don’t have a choice but to stop HRT because i don’t want to be seen or looked at when my skin feels so disgusting. i don’t know what i’m looking for with this post but i just feel really lost right now. this plus slowly gaining weight has really tanked my self-esteem on the past couple of months. if anyone has had similar experiences or advice to share i’d really appreciate it. much love to you all
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2021.11.29 15:56 PartTimeMantisShrimp How do i make something like the avatar state?

For context: the avatar state is when all the knowledge and power of your past lives flow through you.
So each of my players have died from 6-7 times, and we thought it'd be pretty cool to have something like the avatar state but instead of avatars it would be their past characters. Is there a way to make this or at least something like it?
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2021.11.29 15:56 Queen1223 ❤️❤️😍

Hey. Er der nogen der vil onaner sammen (pige 16 år)
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2021.11.29 15:56 rosh_shizuo How do you build up a relationship with a depressed person? or someone who experienced depression?

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2021.11.29 15:56 AnteaterImpressive47 If we break the 2.50 dollar wall in. QLGN we’ll moon so high GME status🚀🚀🚀

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2021.11.29 15:56 StefMiner627 La season Marvel...

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2021.11.29 15:56 SvansyVonSwansea Website upgraded to business

Website upgraded to business
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2021.11.29 15:56 AyyLmaoHisao What is up with Genshin youtube ads?

I just seen an ad of some gameplay with Zhongli climbing a cliff and trying to peep his booty like I don't blame you but ???
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2021.11.29 15:56 msgulfcoast4bigcock [MF4M] 30/27 - near Gulfport looking for hung single males (or couples). Please have pictures and message more than just "hi".

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2021.11.29 15:56 nadav12353 So Jews cannot marry in the holiest place for Jews just because another religion built a temple

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2021.11.29 15:56 Jo_Doc2505 Just found this sub. Here is my 10yro rescue Rex, home 5 months

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2021.11.29 15:56 Huskypuppy3355 First Neopixel

To those that have a Neopixel saber, how often do you charge it and is there any worry about overcharging?
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2021.11.29 15:56 German_Camry IRL festivizer

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2021.11.29 15:56 investorchicken Can I make my 2013 520d ULEZ compliant?

I would like to not part with my car because of these silly rules in London. So, can I take it to a shop and have something done to it to make it ULEZ compliant? Thank you.
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2021.11.29 15:56 coljavskiyi ⚡ Wanamoon BSC Token | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | ownership renounced | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR ⚙️
⁃ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
⁃ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
⁃ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
⁃ Liquidity will be locked
⁃ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
⁃ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
⁃ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
⁃ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

⁃ 1% reflection to all holders
⁃ 2% Weekly jackpot
⁃ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
⁃ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
✨Pinksale Locked


⛓️ Website: https://wanamoon.in/
✉️ Telegram: https://t.me/WanaMoonOfficial
⚽ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WanaMoonOffical
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2021.11.29 15:56 ondrooo Kitboga - Testing new AI's text to speech

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2021.11.29 15:56 Scoop_My_Poop63923 What is one memory that you would go back in time to relive?

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2021.11.29 15:56 Ruptured_testicle My early 2009 iMac on Big Sur with OCLP. I’m gonna upgrade a 2007 one of these next

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2021.11.29 15:56 emmgdac I'm so TIRED of jobs looking for degrees AND years of experience to pay low wages.

What gives?? I already think this is a disgusting practice for hourly workers and retail jobs but I have a dual degree in accounting and finance and there are jobs reaching out looking for a bachelor's AND years (something like 4+) experience to pay something like 18-22 an hour? My student loans were around the same price tag. This country is ridiculous in the way they expect workers to already work crazy hours for little money, but to try and sell a "dream" that you'll get a good paying job with a degree is all bulls*** - you just go into debt for slightly above what amazon drivers make.
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2021.11.29 15:56 JustKeepLivin7 Home Dumbbell Programs

Given the winter months are ahead, I’m looking to cancel my gym membership and start following an at-home program. I have access to dumbbells ranging from 10-50lbs and resistance bands. Also just purchased a Peloton. Any feedback on daily programs I can follow which will accommodate what I currently have?
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2021.11.29 15:56 Adam-best Set Of Dumpling Mould The peeler is perfect for easily and quickly cutting circles in the dough. Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable, clean and environmental protection. Mirror polished surface makes it easy to clean, preventing food residue from sticking in between the seams.

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2021.11.29 15:56 Gazi3 Ask Anything Thread

جدید ٹیکنالوجی سے متعلق یہاں سوال پوچھ سکتے ہیں
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