Sick of calling

2021.11.29 15:17 MadHatOsiris Sick of calling

Called three times today concerning my amended return (5/07) just to get hung up on in the middle of each call FML
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2021.11.29 15:17 procryptoclass ETH/USD Eyeing Stops Above 4391: Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 30 November 2021 ETH

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2021.11.29 15:17 CaliTexas619 [WTS] BCM package: mod 0 sopmod stock, PNT trigger, BCM/VLTOR CH, grip, VFG and trigger guard. $165 (TX)

Good afternoon GAFS! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Im heading to the post office tomorrow to ship out some packages so, if this sells by tonight--it'll be shipped then. Not parting-out at this time.
Package includes:
1x BCM Mod 0 SOPMOD 1X BCM PNT trigger 1x BCM/VLTOR charging handle 1x BCM trigger guard 1x BCM VFG mlok 1x BCM grip
Everything is in great condition. CH shows normal wear but not too salty!
Total: $165 shipped.
Paypal only. F&f or g&s for 10+ flair. Standard GAFS rules apply. Please call dibs follwed by a PM. Thanks!
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2021.11.29 15:17 Similar_Manager_3201 Any plans for a security update?

Since the game’s first alpha, I've seen a lot of reports about bots and hackers being able to get in the game as easily as anyone else. Does anyone knows if New State have a useful spam/third party program detector? We’re in 2021, everything online should be able to detect suspicious malware…imo. What you guys think?
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2021.11.29 15:17 stockapp Get 1 free “hi” crypto daily Currently trading at $1.26 per coin

Invite only, get "hi" now. Signup and log in each day to get 1 free “hi” daily. “Hi” is currently trading around $1.26 per coin. It was trading around $.70 when I first signed up. Rewards do have a lockup period before you can send or sell but not may cryptos are giving out this amount of free value daily. For ease of claiming the daily reward download the app after signup
Thanks for using my link.
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2021.11.29 15:17 taiwanhuangjizhan The Problem of Evil/Suffering modified into Buddhism

If [ by definition from ordinary intuition ] the Buddha Sakyamuni really had achieved perfect altruistic "merit" or "abilities", then, contradictorily, why when the Buddha Sakyamuni was presenting in the world, the hell is NOT "empty"? --- there were still sentient beings in the situations, such as in the hell, that they cannot meet the Buddha Sakyamuni? Doesn't the NON-emptiness of the hell means there are still rooms yet for achieving perfect altruistic "merit" or "abilities"?
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2021.11.29 15:17 rekscoper2 is pinhead free?

I don't own the game yet but since its gonna be free on epic i was wondering if i need to save some cash up or not for pinhead
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2021.11.29 15:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.11.29 15:17 archtimepieces [WTS] Breitling Endurance pro

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2021.11.29 15:17 yankees27th New to lawncare, tons of clover

Hi all, my lawn (bermuda grass) has tons of clover. HOA isn't too happy about it. We live in central Texas.
I don't think it would be manageable to pull the clover out manually (unless there's a super easy way I'm not aware of).
Are there any products that I should/shouldn't use to take care of the clover? Could I use something now, or would that be a waste with winter coming anyway (not sure if cold temps will affect anything).
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.29 15:17 Elfenliied So i did let my 1st sub run out and will never suscribe to it ever again

And i hope this lie of this game being free finally comes to an end.
This game isn't free. Never was. And in fact, from all the companies out to do business to me Bethesda is the most greedy one.
I have paid 180€ a year alone for their sub. Not to mention the full price for this game on release.
So did i ever get any meaningful content?
No. Paying 180€ a year only for 2 QoL improvements as solutions on issues they have created by design.
Need material for everything in this game? Like crafting, etc. The scrapbox comes in handy.
Want to have your stashbox being mobile? Tent.
I know there's a lot of players doing inventory and stash management and don't pay for sub. But if no one would pay, this game would be shut down as quick as you can blink.
So is this game free? Of course it's not. It's paid by the many players that feel like in need of any overpriced digital item sold on their shop. Most times prices on other games you would get full dlc's, that contain story, raids, duties/strikes, dungeons and items, alone in a single dlc.
So is this game free? Of course it's not! It's whales paying for the ones playing for free and giving them an excuse of saying it's free.
And those paying, as mentioned, pay for nothing other than things that are nothing else, but simple QoL improvements every previous fallout had naturally.
It's not like you pay for something special, but for the very basic things in this game. As the most basic is the need of junk for everything you do in this game.
Do we pay for content?
To me this whole business model is shady and greedy. Selling 99% of times nothing, but reskins of already existing assets, that feel like created within a coffee break, selling and obviously make a lot of money out of them, additionally to the 1st sub money.
While the game still has millions of bugs being ignored, nearly all in game 3 years later still, since beta.
So dointg the absolute minimum to keep this game running, as it's obvious that it's just run to give their digital trash shop a reason to exist.
Seriously, after long time i hardly can bother even log in. Sick of their weekly atom shop updates, over and over and over again. Sick of it. While the game itself is treated like something they do only as much as they need to keep their shop running.
Never in my gaming years i saw a game that had such a lack of content. Even today, 3 years later it only has a fraction of what nearly every other triple A game has vanilla on release.
Nothing done! But over and over more and more digital atom shop trash.
You see no camp that isn't full of atom shop stuff, so it seems their business model pays off.
But to me it's very sad, that a once great brand that was known for lore and great immersion and exploring post apocalyptic world, today feels like nothing, but an adult toys-r-us.

I finally have decided to not spend a single dime on this game or company anymore. And rarely in gaming i felt this decision more than right. This company is simply not worth it.
And yes. Whenever i will play from now on. I will do for free. No matter after paid a fee at start :)
So this whale is free like Willy now :)
This hamster has left its wheel :3

Edit: Re-post, after deleted the one before accidentally. Feel free to hate this one here again lol.
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2021.11.29 15:17 AutomailMama Joey - will pay big bucks for little duck

Does anyone have Joey available for adoption? I've used 65 NMT looking for him and have an empty space now.
I'll pay what you ask, please help me! Lol
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2021.11.29 15:17 JimCha404 My hallway

Hallway to somewhere...
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2021.11.29 15:17 PunaPena Raippaluoto bridge in Finland

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2021.11.29 15:17 McGlowSticks NTD Boss gifted me $100 for canadian tire when I got laid off for the season (boat season)

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2021.11.29 15:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.11.29 15:17 TheLaughingHeartASMR Welcome To Hogwarts. ASMR Roleplay. Personal Attention. [Roleplay]

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2021.11.29 15:17 Lewandabski710 50k Doge or a Custom Doge Tesla?

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2021.11.29 15:17 Earth-Fire I just need someone to hold me

And no, not just anyone. I don't really feel comfortable with letting people touch me unless we're extremely close. So what I mean is, I want someone to love, to pour alllll of my love onto. And I just want to be held. Nothing more. I just want to feel loved and wanted. And held.
I'm so fucking lonely lmao.
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2021.11.29 15:17 portalrbn Anvisa atualiza informações sobre análise de vacinas contra covid-19

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2021.11.29 15:17 cmhbob Curious about...

the reactions from Don Brown and some of the other assistants who came and went in teh last few years at Michigan. Anyone heard anything?
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2021.11.29 15:17 GibusGod420 A teen I know is very open about watching cp on a discord server and is asking other teens if they want the link and they all said yes,when I try to explain to them that its a crime they laugh it off,what should I do

The kids 13 or so,i'll call him A. A is a bad kid. Fucks around on every break,even when a teacher is present. Today he began bragging about some "group" he's an admin on. Mentioned he saw a video of a 10 year old sucking other kids' dicks. Later he said if a kid i sit with wanted his folder that had 100+ nude photos. He said yes. Later he specified videos containing an 11 year old boy having sex with his 15 year old sister and a video of a guy having sex with a 6 year old,which he found on a different server. He mentioned them on the way home. Two other kids furiously demanded he sends them the video. He has also showed interest in making cp himself.
So,what the hell do i do?
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2021.11.29 15:17 1234username4567 Capital Power, Enbridge to partner on carbon capture project

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2021.11.29 15:17 gifmeuk New trending GIF on Giphy

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2021.11.29 15:17 Prestigious_Bid5951 The dip is imminent. The time is now. We are the Army

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