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A once in a lifetime event tomorrow

2021.11.29 14:05 AlainDit A once in a lifetime event tomorrow

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2021.11.29 14:05 overlyoptimistic18 What's a Kenyan conspiracy theory that was actually found to be true?

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2021.11.29 14:05 childish-yambino Channing Tatum And Steven Soderbergh Return For ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ At Warner Bros.

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2021.11.29 14:05 Nervous-Neck3638 Please, help brazilian students to develop a sugar free brownie to US market

Hi! I am an undergraduated student from Brazil and as assingment we need to simulate the export of sugar free brownies to US Market. We are doing some research with US people to clarify some things about their way of consume. If you can answer it will take 5 minutes.
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2021.11.29 14:05 Character_Ad3098 25/F/North America [Chat]- Looking for friends to chat with from various countries

Hey there! This is Character_Ad3098. I'm 25 years old, definitely melanated (I am a person of color, after all :), LGBTQ+ (intersex female to be specific), and I'd say that my biggest passion in life is education, science, and music. Especially the last two stuff. I spend a lot of time thinking about the history of science, and how political movements, especially those on the left played a role in scientific advancements, the interaction between world music (all types of music from all sorts of cultures, even far apart from each other geographically, have influenced each other). I'd generally consider myself a leftist to some degree, and certainly left of the Democratic party in the US, but I can't say that any party in particular interests me in North America or elsewhere. If you have other interests that's fine, I just want someone who thinks before they speak, and has evidence for what they are talking about, and not just "personal evidence."
Other important things to take note of:
No NSFW content please, no solicitations for friend groups (yes, for example, discord) or other forms of groups.
I do speak English, Spanish, German, and some Norwegian (nynorsk only) but I rarely use it for anything.
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2021.11.29 14:05 Galthrojh Southeast Asia SEA players, if you're on the fence about buying, the Taiwan GCE 1 server has great queue times

On the Taiwan GCE 1 server, I sit in multiplayer queue for about 2-3 minutes MAX (usually less). Frontier Defense is even faster sometimes. (Singapore server is dead. Don't go there.)
I play anytime from 2 PM in the afternoon through 12 AM midnight and it's the same. The only time I've had slow ish queues are in the mornings at like 8 AM (which is for most games). +8 GMT.
Hope this helps. It's super cheap right now. About 8-10 USD depending on where you're buying from.
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2021.11.29 14:05 yaboidany2115 Poor Tobey when he appears in NWH

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2021.11.29 14:05 gothamsfemto How to buy a boost (english speaker)

I cant read the shop & idk which boost to choose i just want to be atleast level 50 with low ilvl is fine, is there a guide anywhere?
already leveled two classes to level 30 so im not a noob, just wanting to try as many classes as i can to find my main !
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2021.11.29 14:05 tech-savvy2012 53905Y

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2021.11.29 14:05 Yuna92 Man, I love this Game!

So, just now a few seconds ago, I finished shadowbringers and every Main Quest Post Shadowbringers, just in Time for the new Expansion to arrive...
And I have to say: what an adventure! I still remember when I struggled finding my way into FF XIV. As a child, I loved the FF games (and still love them!) but I never really played an mmo. So I was hesitant to pick this one up. But the Art Style, the Music, everything was so beautiful. I bought the collectors edition for the PS4 in 2014, and yeah, it looked so great, but as I wrote before: I didn't get into the game itself really...I think I've started four times, with everytime coming a bit further. But it never picked me up like I wanted it to. In between the four starts, I didn't touch the game, and I've always made a pause differing from half a year to a year. But everytime after the pause I thought to myself: man, but this games looks gourgeous, well, I should have a look at it once more...
Four Times xD but the fourth time did it for me. I don't know, why I stuck to it this time, what made me stay, but it did. This was 4 years ago and I'm a casual player, I play it on and off, not everyday, sometimes not for a few months, but I always come back with a warm feeling, like coming home. It's so relaxing and the community is so great. Some things are flawed, but I can overlook them, because this Game is really special and the developers deserve every praise that's out there and so much more!
And today I finished Shadowbringers completely and I loved every minute of it! This Expansion, man, I didn't think they could trump Heavensward. But here we are :) and I'm so excited for Endwalker 😁 this is the first time, where I will be there when everything is new and I'm looking forward to it :) so yeah, I just had to get this off my chest. Hope, all of you had a great day and will have a great week 😊
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2021.11.29 14:05 atx_p 3080 Ti setup

Do I need 3 separate pcie 6+2 cords?
Or will one pcie 6+2 with a splitter and one single pcie 6+2 work fine?
I’ve read mixed reports saying 3 separate is best. Thoughts?
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Seriously? Listen EXECUTIVES AT MARVEL, the first two MCU Spider-Man films are on NETFLIX so put Spider-man No Way Home, ON NETFLIX, IT IS AS SIMPLE AS ABC, JUST PUT THE FILM ON NETFLIX BEFORE I BREAK A WALL BECAUSE I HATE CINEMAS, THE FOOD IS EXPENSIVE, IT’S DIRTY AND I HATE PEOPLE!!! I would rather be comfy in bed, watching an awesome movie than to be uncomfortable in a soda stained seat watching an awesome movie, Marvel is being retarded
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2021.11.29 14:05 KingsElite A perfect mash-up of fandoms for this sub

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2021.11.29 14:05 surplusnut What is your dream concert lineup, if you could choose any artist or band, living or dead?

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2021.11.29 14:05 Stroke_n_Smoke Gopnik Dealer

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2021.11.29 14:05 youngandwildfinnance Get up to 200% APY with DFY?

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2021.11.29 14:05 Lucas-Gallo Where would you put Pippins in a tier list?

Please do not confuse with Pipis Also, there are still a lot of characters to go through, but I swear that it will be over and I'll not do any of those again
View Poll
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2021.11.29 14:05 Excellent_Escape1810 Help needed!!

Hey guys, so I have a friend who I am so defiantly sure is autistic. She has all the signs, I love her to bits.
Recently I feel like she is really struggling & the difficulties she faces with being on the spectrum is really heightened & I’m really struggling with it. She has become very clingy, controlling, obsessive & shes very draining to be around at the moment. She doesn’t seem to understand boundaries or social ques so I find it difficult to be around her & hang out with others when she’s around as I feel like I can’t have my own space.
Is there anyone her who can advise if there’s anything I can do to help her at the moment? I have a lot of patience & would do anything for her but I won’t lie when I say it’s been really difficult & frustrating recently.
Thanks in advance 👍🏼
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2021.11.29 14:05 united-verdict-bot Unanimous "Not the A-hole" with 1 vote

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2021.11.29 14:05 Za_narod Рожен от днес ❄️

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2021.11.29 14:05 psyspoop Will the weekly ultimate unlocks ever rotate back in?

I don't really care much about the Willow Tea coating, but I'm sure there'll be some weekly ultimate reward that I would really like at some point that I won't be able to complete due to time constraints. Has 343 said whether we'll ever get another shot at any of the weeklies at some point or do we only get one shot at them?
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2021.11.29 14:05 Fakjbf2 Raising wages without fixing housing costs is pointless

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that $25/hr should be the base minimum wage and anything under that is basically slavery. Yes current minimum wage is faaaar too low, but $25/hr too much of an overcorrection because it fails to address one of the major causes of the huge cost of living increases over the past decade. Maybe $25/hr is low if you live in a major city where rent is $4,000/month for a one bedroom apartment, but if you live literally anywhere else then $25/hr is absolutely easy to live on. I lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin ~3 years ago and had a one bedroom apartment for $500/month, with basic budgeting I was able to afford that with a car payment while making $15/hr.
We need to actually build new and denser housing in cities to break the monopoly that landlords and developers have, force them to lower prices by saturating the market with more supply. I guarantee that if we did that and brought housing prices to normal levels then $15/hr would be an adequate wage there as well. Until we do that then raising wages will only have a very limited effect, landlords will just keep raising rent and house prices will continue to skyrocket and we’re back to square one and we’ve just moved the goalposts.
TL;DR Current wages are too low but we need to focus on lower the artificially high CoL, not just blindly raising wages to meet it.
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2021.11.29 14:05 sixofninee Altair Coin Pack 🤩

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2021.11.29 14:05 sqeakyj My kicker that won roty

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2021.11.29 14:05 autotldr U.S. Gives Rwanda Nearly 2 Million COVID-19 Vaccine Doses in Total

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 45%. (I'm a bot)

KIGALI - The Embassy of the United States of America to the Republic of Rwanda announces a new delivery of 301,860 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as a gift from the people of the United States to the people of Rwanda.
These vaccine doses are accompanied by U.S. donated syringes and the United States provides 1,350,000 needed syringes to fill a critical gap.
Ambassador Vrooman announced, "The United States has provided nearly 2 million vaccine doses to Rwanda, with another million doses due to arrive via COVAX in December."
To date, the United States has donated more than 240 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to more than 100 countries -a major step in ending the pandemic globally.
In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, the United States provided more than 65 million vaccine doses.
Working together with COVAX, WHO, UNICEF, and partner countries, the United States is committed to donating 1.1 billion vaccine doses to where they are needed most to end this global pandemic.
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Post found in /Coronavirus.
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